Remember this historic headline?[small][i]Elvis 1st appears on TV show Louisiana Hayride, 1955[/i][small]

March 3rd, 1955, Elvis Aron Presley is featured on the TV show Louisiana Hayride. This prompts promoters to send Elvis to New York City to audition for Arthur Godfrey’s immensely popular and career-making Talent Scouts program. Talent coordinators and Godfrey are said to have passed on Elvis appearing on the show. Not much later, he was tossed out of the Grand Ole Opry as well, and told to “go back to driving a truck.” In a little over a year, however, the nation will be caught up in Presley-mania. Read all about “the hidden life of Elvis Presley” in this issue of Look Magazine at and sound off on your favorite memories of the King.

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